Karl Ketamo works in a multidisciplinary approach towards photography, moving image, sculpture and installation. A common thread in his work is the use of the use found images and objects, which he recycles, reworks, and presents in a new manner.

Alma Heikkilä invites us to acquaint ourselves with the many symbiotic relationships we participate in and the essential role they play in constantly making us who we are. In doing so, she encourages us to contemplate how access to embodied knowledge may challenge our understanding of what it means to be a human.

Minja Kolehmainen is an artist and cabinetmaker from Finland who lives and works in her mobile workshop van. She is inspired by nature and everything she creates is handmade with a lot of love and respect towards nature.

Minjee Hwang Kim is a Korean painter based in Helsinki who explores the notions of identity through self-portraits. She creates a continuous loop between the artist-self and the artist as subject.

Lau Rämö is a visual artist working with video art, photography, installations and zines. Their animations combine soft and found materials with evocative tendencies and broader themes, often emphasising the shared existence as animate beings.

Emma Rönnholm works with sculpture and installation, often featuring movement or other mechanical elements. Her artistic practise stems from a fascination for language, materials and processes, paired with a passion for mechanics and do-it-yourself.

Sofi Häkkinen invents new combinations of materials. Humour and serendipity are guiding principles in her sculptural and performative practice. She is always doing many things and they flow into each other.

Anna Broms is an artist who works with expanded painting, installation, and moving images, among other mediums. She is part of SubaruSisters. Her recent upcoming exhibitions will be in Lapinlahden Lähde (Venetsia building) in July 2024, and in galleria Huuto in march 2025.

Päivikki Alaräihä is working mainly with painting and installation. Her minimalist approach guides the viewer to the surrounding space, blending the artwork with its environment.

Miradonna Sirkka is a performance and contemporary circus artist, director and performer. The artworks are multidisciplinary mashups and worlds to dive in; performances, installations, videos, sounds and media artworks.

Man Yau lives and works in Helsinki. Through the use of various materials –from porcelain, glass, wood or casted metals, to ribbon – her sculptures bring up questions around the issue of exoticization.

Anu Raatikainen is a visual artist living in Helsinki, Finland, working with light, painting, drawing, sculpture, video and performance. Light has been a unifying factor as a medium, theme and a metaphor in her work.

Pola Laamanen is an embroidery and textile artist. She creates one of a kind hand stitched artworks using threads and hand modified textile. She also produces original ebooks and tutorials. Check her youtube channel @polalab

Noora Geagea is a storyteller from Helsinki, with interest in cultural attitudes and structures and body movement, as an expression of the individual and the collective.

Kemê is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki who works with photography, performance, installation and text, often hybridising them. She sees the arts as something between alchemy and magic, the spiritual and the subconscious.

Oscar Dempsey is a visual artist, set designer and prop maker working with production companies and arts projects to design and manufacture for performance, film, art and public projects. They find inspiration in the vast, overwhelming spaces – natural, or man-made, in search for the feeling of the Sublime.

Paula Tella is a Finnish artist who focuses on the body, and who uses embodiment in the core of her practice. She creates photographs, installations, drawings, paintings, performances...

Vilma Pimenoff is a visual artist whose work is rooted in photography. She is interested in the semiotics of the everyday, that is - how we understand the world around us through signs and symbols. Multiple perspectives, people's relations to the natural, and recently – power, are some of the themes she explores.

Juliana Irene Smith is a half Iranian, half American expat who works with generational trauma through material memory, photography and installation. The works are direct and unafraid of confrontation.

Marko Timlin is a Finnish-German artist creating artworks that link science with art, technology with nature and the past with the present. His artistic work centers on the technical, aesthetic and philosophical development of kinetic sound sculptures, dynamic light installations, performances with self-made sound machines and multimedia theater plays

Ana Gutieszca is a Mexican-Finnish visual and sound artist, an inventor of broken noises and graphite universes: she is fascinated by the transformation of drawing into sound and using graphite as a tool for sound making. In her drawings, she embraces the question of the animal and its ambivalent presence through symbolic thinking.

Natalia Kozieɫ-Kalliomäki is moving in the area of expanded printmaking and film. She is fascinated by the power of light, analogue technology, relation between camera and subject, distorted images and mesmerizing structures.

Roberto Fusco is an Italian media artist based in Helsinki. At the intersection of physical and computational processes, Roberto focuses his artistic research on the use of digital techniques capable of recording, reconstructing, and simulating reality, exposing the role of technology itself in mediating our perception and experience.

Pauliina Heinänen is an artist who works around the themes of presence, longing and belonging. All their works start from photographic thinking and are characterized by focusing on details.

Jane Hughes is an Irish artist who works with painting, drawing, installation and various collaborative projects. She is fascinated by remnants of the past, textures, otherworldly ambiance.

Jenni Niskala is a Finnish artist whose work moves around the questions of seeing, observing, experiencing and existing. She works mainly with printmaking.

Kamila Śladowska is an interdisciplinary visual artist who explores inspirations from culture anthropology and permacultural thinking about creation.

Simo Saarikoski works with video, performances and watercolour paintings. In his works he examines the phenomena of our time as well as the human psyche and the impact of humans on their environment. He is also part of the group Messianic Research Centre for Visual Ethics and the Pori-based T.E.H.D.A.S. collective.

Marloes van Son builds instruments, installations and systems. Her recent work focuses on sound objects, instrument building, graphic scores and experimental compositions. During performances Marloes plays her self-built instruments combined with voice according to precomposed scores.

Barbora Kachlíková is a Czech artist based in Finland. Her paintings are influenced by the farming neighbourhood of the Finnish village Ratula, where she lives and works.

Alison Wiklund’s exploration has, over many decades, focused on the visual arts and has ranged over many themes, different countries and cultures.

Lora Dimova is a Bulgarian-Finnish artist based in Helsinki. Her work explores the ephemeral and extrasensorial spaces, the inner and outer territories of the body.